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TUMBAAD- the movie

Nature has everything has everyone's need but not for everyone's greed- Mahatma Gandhi...

this is quote with which this unconventional horror ,greed thriller starts...and to sum up the movie in one quote is this one.

so if u think of going for a horror movie (the conventional ones)...u may come out disappointed...this is a real UNCONVENTIONAL movie ...and i write this with caps on for a reason...i have never seen this kind of horror clowns and the routines of a regular horror movie are part of this movie but this movie gives u goosebumps and chills every moment..all through the movie..

this movie also highlights the human greed ,and also proves the golden egg story correct... greed is human nature ,but when is overtakes the human it is doomsday...also what i found aptly put is that what a kid is watching in family or is being shown are seems to his future.

the chilling camera work,the background score is a big + to the movie,is creates to aura of myth and mist around the movie....

What a awsome month for movie goers... andhadhundh,helicopter eela and now TUMBAAD

go for this movie if you like unconventional stuff...and i assure you A fulfilling surprise is awaiting for you..i give it 4 AKG **

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