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UNPAUSED (Amazon Prime)

Movie made after unlock, narrating the stories of LOCKDOWN in India. 5 short stories of India and Indians in lockdown and how it unpacked n impacted us.

A delightful mocktail of optimism in constraints, sorrow in opportunity, faith of the undefined and humane indian beyond religion is the theme of the stories.

A story of covid30 hitting humans in future and tech gels and collides with reality where a hypo meets a warrior, peeping into the future. A story of loneliness to optimism. A story of 1ness to redefining oneself as emotions get following because of raw youth. Another story of migrant family stuck with no choice, but the happiness they find in the minimal they can gather to survive with the dream of the tech world too and finally a bond of friendship beyond age and religion boundaries which sketches the Indian-Ness of us.

Every story touches the emotional chord. And the actors play their part to perfection. Gems like Ratna pathak shah,Lillete Dubey and stars like Richa chadha to wonders Abhishek Banerjee,shardul bharadwaj, Gulshan Devaiah, Geetika ohlyan.. every one played their part lively.

These stories make us remember our stories which we gathered in these LOCKDOWN days with so much time with family, so much emotions to share, so much time for our own self, so many self realisations of TALENT'S which we never thought we had, so near to nature but at times so alone.

A movie to relive our own emotions.

🌟🌟🌟❤️❤️AKG POINTS.

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