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Us- a movie of thinking horror

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Horror movies are fun thrill,adrenaline rush, thumping heart beat, getting goose bumps but if a movie does all of this with but also makes you sit-up and think ... It's a rare movie. That is Us.

Set in twin times of 1989 and today, that movie gives bone chilling thrill,shocks, fear, high heart beat.

But what lies in the heart of the movie is the social pinch with this movie delivers to us , that too in such a subtle way that the viewer has to sit up and think about the view it is giving us, and it's real impact.

It also has its pinch of jokes which makes us laugh in the midst of a crisis like situation and horror moments , like when the last lead asks the horror lead "who are you" the pinch reply is "we are Americans". Or when the make lead in a crisis talks about Home alone and it's traps, the kids in thr teen's ask what are traps and what is Home alone. So satire creeps in to give amusing moments.

But the msg which it carries that affluent class enjoys amenities what which creates a dearth for the PPL in the dark and the rift with is ever increasing is so real every whr in the world.

This is my first HORROR movie which made me think hard too..

Loved this movie and giving it


watch the movie even if you don't have a love for horror..

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