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Vikram Vedha-2022 hindi movie Review

Our childhood stories heard and viewed on Doordarshan of Vikram- vetaal (remember that song Vikram, Vikram, Vikram, be-taal,tal,tal) can be re-written in such a Gripping and Fascinating way that blows away the mind.

This is a movie about a cop vs goon. The cop is Vikram( saif) and vedha betaal(Hrithik). The cop plans to get the goon and every time the goon is caught, he narrates a story to the cop. The cop has to debug the Right n the Wrong- fascinatingly. And the story moves to the next level. And OMG the pace at which the movie moves is woww.

The cop as Saif is brilliantly portrayed and khan saab is the perfect pick foot this role, vulnerable yet strong, emotional yet encounter specialist. Betaal as Hrithik looks transformed, the looks of super 30 are enhanced to a more raw level. Both actors try meticulously portray the Hindi heartland language and slangs, and succeed. Radhika has been given limited scope but still she outperforms.

Other support actors are also good.a shout out to rohit saraf, who leaves a special impression. The storytelling and background scores are the lifelines of this movie. Rarararararara will stay with you outside the theaters too. The magnanimous canvas is mast, set in kanpur, Lucknow.

This movie makes us think about perspective. Right and Wrong. How to define a correct abd incorrect decision. There is no universal Right and Wrong. It's just a matter of perspective. Before being judgemental if we think about the other side of the coin, the narrative will be not the same as before. A 360°view always makes a better human.

This movie doesn't have a single moment when u think of peeping into your mobile msgs,or for pee- brake. Fully engrossed and enjoyable movie, तो be seen on silver screen.


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