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VINCI DA-movie review

Rarely i watch bangla movies but after this one thinking of watching more of bangla movies as they have become content driven...Hindi movie with this story line,this content ,i dont think its possible in today's times,may b because of the high risk in hindi movies involved...

this movie is speak the least.

a movie about 2 differently talented ppl who by tricks of one come together to do wacky things to give justice to ppl but which gives collateral damages too..i may sound confusing so is the movie narrative but clear about the story...cant disclose more or it will spoil your movie watching fun...

super acting my the cast...rudranil ghost as makeup magician,ritwick was unlawed lawyer,sohini as cutest female lead....and all others are wonderful..the first half of the movie is stetting up the movie so its confusing and a bit slow but the 2nd half blows away your mind

also what this film made me realize that thr is nothing like right and wrong universally...every

one has his own right n wrong which varies from another guy,or society. no universal truth ,its all how a human perceives ones narrative of truth and lies.

if you have a liking to watch UNUSUAL MOVIES with good story content...this is the movie for u ...i give this movie 4+ AKG POINTS

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