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When i was coming out of race3 ,was thinking with my fingers crossed that thug will b a tad better,but it was A thug ,then thought ZERO will try but i think this yr is the year of big-budget disappointments.

The biggies are this yr not competing for who earns more,but for who will loose more...seems they have made a disconnect with the common viewer,of this that they can fool the fan base...else how can you make such a mess of a movie...(jate the japan ,pahuch gaye chin).

the movie is about a dwarf man ,babua singh aka baue,and the topic seems so tempting..but what the director has made is a MESS..that too 3 hr long sync of songs,logic fails at every scene,dialogues go from cheesy to cheap...editing is horrendous..

babau throws money like trash,but the source of the logic behind him getting that huge quantum of money --nahi malum... bahua sings dances but all look so vfx nothing real...many character in movie are in movie but of no meaning..the 2 female leads

try to put life into the characters..but their nothing written for them...feel sorry for katrina and anushka

The epitome was when I asked my son in interval to bring popcorn for us, he replied "papaji Abhi aacha chal Raha hai ads, let the movie start then I will go to bring the popcorn".

its a pain i have gone through ,so that u can save your plz use this years last weekend to enjoy the chill,enjoy picnic...but enjoy

if i could ..i would give this movie negative1 AKG POINTS

have a wonderful and enjoyable 2019

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