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Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One 2023(Movie Review)

Mi fans , rest assured of a treat . Super thrill movie with action chase emotion and AI.

The movie starts with a Russian submarine with a higher level of AI , which they are testing, and USA tech poses as a threat , so the higher AI is submerged but also let loose. The Us agencies get in touch with Ethan for the job to get the key to the intelligence codes, but they too don't know how and where to get it. So the plot is set for Ethan and his team to get the key and decode the AI DEMON so that it is destroyed abd does not get in the hands of a rogue identity nor even to nations, because all will misuse it for privileges.

This is almost 2hr 45 min movie but is so fast that the feeling is as it's over so early, and the craving for the second part increases. Kudos ṭo the director Christopher McQuarrie. Tom Cruise is epic . Emotion fear sorrow comic , Tom is super in all. Hayley Atwell as Grace and Rebecca Ferguson as Ilsa Faust( MI 6 spy) are super apt for splendid support. To my surprise and satisfaction, Esai Morales as

Gabriel- the AI agent with a past history with Ethan, is so cold. What an acting marvel. Also, Pom Klementieff as Paris is so powerful, performance, and stunning, too. The MI music is again ringing in my mind. To a submission from my side is that 3 times I drive car after the watching this movie and this CULT music starts playing in my mind😄. The chase sequences are awesomely framed. It's a 70mm movie .

These Hollywood movies show what indian movies miss is that in west they show women with same power and charisma as men, fighting fist to fist, kick to kick, but indians movies generally show women as weak, always needing help from their men. Also, the fear that has started to tickle the human mind of AI taking over the earth is so real and coming so soon. The movie shows that the intelligence is automated and tracks everything every time all at once, and finally, to tackle it, the Ethan team has to go analog without the internet to stay a step ahead.

I know fans will watch it, but all the other thrill and excitement loving movie buffs will also like this movie as a standalone movie, too. For full thrill and enjoyment of yours movie , plz visit theaters.


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