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I admit I'm late, but it's better late than never for a movie like URI.This is first close to real war movie made in Hindi cinema, very much like hurt locker.

This movie is about the uri attacks and the surgical strikes done by Indian army in retaliation of the heinous crime by the militants. This movie is no over the top war mongering like

border(still I like it) or like paramanu. But it tries to get real to how things happen in army and the feel will grip you for sure.

Yes this movie takes cinematic liberties like over dramatizing few scenes,few political inclinations, but they can be forgiven for such a movie, because otherwise such situation based movie may look like a documentary.

Vicky Kaushal as a actor from this movie has risen to the main league of actors in Hindi cinema. He lives the character of the main lead.His charisma,his presence is a life to the movie. Others in the movie are just to keep the movie going. A praise for the casting team to get ppl very near to NSA Ajit,parikar,rajnathji,Sushma ji .Also it was nice to see Swarup Sampat(remember ye jo hai zindagi DD) and rakesh bedi. The female leads have nothing much to do.

I must also mention thr are few scenes which will emotionally arouse you,specially the war cry by the jawans and by the kid at funeral(I has tears rolling out).also the CHALLA the war cry song pumps u up.

All in all if u still haven't watched this movie.... Go to the theater's and watch it as it's a BIG canvas movie, and a worth watching one...I give it 4 AKG POINTS... Worth a watch (ignoring it's cinematic liberties and political overtones).

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