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Nostalgia, patriotism,sports movie,unity in diversity..... This movie gels all of this into one and so smoothly that i felt as i was living those moments.

India who won 3golds in British India,thrives to win its own gold in 1948 London Olympics,then the journey from team creation after 10yrs of non Olympia due to ww2 to winning freedom in 1947 and its loss and gain to the team, its a full journey from the eyes of bangali babu(akshay).

akshay does a awsome job.his Bengali accent is funny and interesting together.

what i liked most is that unity was rooted in us,our social fiber of multi religious unity and British divide n rule .But still India and pak wr cheering for each other to win over the real ENEMY the Brits.the emotions of players Who whr part of same team but situation pitted them on diff teams but thr real rival was the true, some vested intrests pit religious belief, sects against each other to reap benefits and common man gets fooled but.this movie teaches UNITY IS strength.

a film in the league of chak de,lagan,laga...must watch


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