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A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood- Amazon Prime

Updated: May 4, 2020

Most movies we get glued to are fast paced, edge of the seat thrillers, things happening at every blink, But very rarely a very slow paced movie , very subtle movie comes ,still you can't take your eyes off it.

The movie starts with a reporter Lloyd ( Matthew Rhys) whome no one wants to give interview because his views on his write-ups are very shrill on the interviewee. But this guy Fred Rogers (Tom hanks), selects Lloyd to give to interview to. Fred is a child show anchor on TV , whome many think as a hero. Fred goes to meet him with specticism in mind , to unravel the real Fred and from there the movie unfolds layer by layer in front of you.

Tom hanks is Amazing in the movie. Here he is not Tom hanks but Fred and I can assure u , that while watching the movie u will never see Tom hanks but Fred Rogers there, and that is the act of a genius. Matthew too acts wonderfully expressing every emotion the character goes through, and doing in from of Hanks itself is an achievement. Rest of the cast is also nice like Chris Cooper, Susan Watson.

No one is perfect, and imperfections make a Human. This movie is filled with layers of human emotions and you will get inverted into it. I assure that.

So watch this movie with your uninterrupted attention,and you will come out a better person. Also wanna know what emotion or memory this movie Evoked .

I give it 🌟🌟🌟💕🌟 AKG Points.

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