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This movie had a clash with padmawat,so they shifted dates that both films dont bear the burnt, then again shifted for padman .i thought must b a गजब movie that it may affect other movie viewings.

I went in with super high expectations, as AIYAARY means deception and seriously it was a very diff n exciting plot,ALAS that's the nicest part about the movie... This movie is a example of how to spoil a super exiting plot.

Actors like manoj vajpayee,nasiruddin shah are wasted ,too much sub-plots,but the worst part was the dialogues by all actors whr delivered like they a doing a live stage ,so emotionless.

But yes this movie also had a take away for us...when in delemma ,confused and if we toss a coin.the point when the coin is in air,our sixth sense shows us the right way, if we are listening to it.try .it really works.

So if u have nothing to do this weekend , so with ur loved ones for a night party or a luvly dinner ... Have a nice time... And if u still watch the movie.. Wanna know from u about it...


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Unknown member
Feb 16, 2018

Thanks for saving our time.

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