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ANDHADHUNDH --the movie

They say it's a dark comedy but I saw to realise that it's a real life ppl's movie in the situations thy whr in.and my god this movie is full of real life surprises.

Every scene in the movie is to be watched, dont even think of a food or loo break between the scenes or will miss some link to the starve or have patience but do it all in the interval only..KEEEP YOUR EYES WIDE OPEN.

All actors are superb in thr roles,even the side characters show the humanness of todays real world to us,and in hindside we are forced to this real ppl will do like this in those situations. But notable mentions are TABU...every frame she is thr, she steals the limelight,Ayusman delivers the best of his work yet, so into the character. also anil dhawan the 70's star and radhika apte too have thr screen presence felt in thr cameos too.

all in all best movie this yr ,and a kind of movie i v never seen made in Bollywood... must must go film for a different perspective to Real LIFE

4 and 1/2 akg points ....i assure u will come out thrilled

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