i know u may not have even heard of this movie being released...but thr are films which which are not advertised well but must b see by a true movie buff...

this film is not high drama,no high emotion,nothing high octane,its a story inpired by kabuliwala-our school childhood story...but in todays times..this film is real....yes as if u living this gripping like u dont even realise and the interval arrives...very melow drama...and the king of the movie is the leagend....DANNY..70 yrs old but places 2 ages of a 40aged guy n a 70+ but only he can do this kind of role of so much expression with out dialogues..

the life of kolkata in 90s to life in well documented by the director that we kolkatans feel nostalgic...the peace of bengal,the emotional bengali,the culture of hate pushed away by the bhodro bangla in the rammandir times(1992)....the ease of bangali also subtlly states that extremism destroys the social fabric...may b afghanistan or india...

al the support cast are splendid...even tisca chopra in a tiny glimpse is impressive...and most importantly..this movie drops a pin that consumerism had killed the human emotion in us...specially the ppl of kolkata...who wr known for being so expressive but emotional to others.... why we loosing it...

plz if u love cinema ..... jaao dekho...i assure u will like this very diff kind of story telling..

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