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Thr r comedies n thr are dark comedies... This one is DARK... But comedy for sure. Set in modern day metro life of a middle class office going guy.

A guy who is burdened by limited earnings but EMI pressure of car,home,lavishness which is needed to showoff but tht too on loan. So to cover for the deficit can try do what ever it takes to ease the pressure but fails.

This is the whr the dark humour makes u laugh ,at times on your own self as u feel the agony as u have been through such ,over powered boss with foolish ideas ,but a yes is forced as survival is imp.friends who are just for benefits n you to need them for your benefit. Cruel reality but true.

the most close connect with the movie is when the hero thinks of extreme sinarios to do with the enemies but is only thinking about it ,but takes no action ,just succumbs to the circumstances, i and its so easily related to us,we think of doing so much BUT just n mind.

The fun is sattire on our life and how we have started seeing life as we live . And the cherry on the CAKE is iirfan khan. the suttleness with which he play's the character is so amazing.if not for anything the movie can be seen just for the pure skill n art of iirfan and the team of support cast all theatre actors who are amazing.

i liked this movie for the realness n relatively with our lifes and the dark humor created out of it. i will give this movie 3.5 of 5.

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