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Simply put, go to watch this movie with all anxiety,pressures of week and come out smiling and may b with pain in stomach due to so much laugh and giggles also may be cheeks may ace😂.

Stand out topic, very cutely but with a real life view portray . A boy from a mathura , in search for job, lands in a call center lonely boys call girls for wentin out thr heart as they are so lonely, and the hero has a nag of portraying girls voice with finesse. So he becomes the chap who works wonders thr, but that also creates problems in his real life, and the fun starts.

The treatment of the script is simple but up to the mark. It's not over simplified but not heavy to mind. Pinch with giggles. And the jokes and punches are non stop, u and not even recovering from the last joke with hand on your stomach laughing and another lands to pain your cheeks, best part is that nothing is cheap, which is not so easy to do in such topical subject. Jokes are such that u watch the movie with family but don't feel embarrassed, credit goes to the writers, and the impact of writing is in kapil Sharma scripts, which I realised after watching the movie , when I read about the writer of the movie Raaj Shaandilyaa.

Of the actors Ayushmann Khurrana is a gem of an actor, put in any awkward, breaking stereotypes role he BLOSSOMS, even here he is flawless while watching him do sita radha on stage, watching him talk like pooja on phone, his body language his facial expression... AWESOME. best part is he never makes it looks cheap or फूहड़। He is a gem of an actor. So is annu Kapoor who is the dad of the hero, he is as good as ayushmann, every screen he is in is lit up. Shout out all the support cast too , Manjot Singh as Smiley, Vijay Raaz as Rajpal Kirar, Abhishek Banerjee as Mahendar, Raj Bhansali as Toto, Rajesh Sharma as WJI, Nidhi Bisht as Roma, Neela Mulherkar as Dadi, no over acting and awesome when portraying the parts. The leading lady Nushrat Bharucha is only cast which is just for beauty it seems, she does it, all the actors have their own stories developed here which is asks for big applause.

Such a light hearted movie too take aways. In today's world of social media we have so many friends online but rare it is that we're having friends who we can talk our heart out, मन की बात, so lonely have we become, so if u have few who u can talk anything and everything and who really care for u, latch on to them, never let them go, they are the real FRIENDS,I have a few❣️❣️ trace yours. Also that every human is flawed, just that true less flawed are better human being, so we can't b flawless by LESS FLAW, is what we should aim for.

All in all a मजेदार movie. Must watch


WAITING for your reaction too..

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Vijay Sharma
Vijay Sharma
Jan 13, 2020

Karamvir picks up a job at a call centre and talks to his clients as Pooja, in a female’s voice. Smitten by the mesmerising voice, many clients fall in love with Pooja, leading to a series of unusual, crazy situations. Want to watch Karar Singh story? Watch it here on OTT platform ZEE5.

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