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revisit your school days frolic playing with teachers,study pressure,idealist teacher, out of the box 1 teacher ...luv of all....u will remember all of this + the problem of TURET SYNDROME,denoted by hichkis which are out of control because of the wireing gone wrong in simple terms.. But most of us are sick of such mindset syndrome and we think we cant overcome it and this stops us to excel.

This film if simply explained is about "क्यों" vs "क्यों नही". Why we create presets about someone and start judging every thing done by that person from the same generally we preconceive that a person from a basti or not so well to do family ,so will not b upto our standard. Can't he b another human, but no we have pre conceived notions.

In this story because of sarv sikhsha abhiyan,basti Kids are admitted into convent school, but always treated as 2nd class citizens. They can't b the best and brightest of the school. And it's the truth.guv has forced things on private school and they take it as a burden , not as a responcibility, and we all know the standard of सरकारी schools. So policy is thr , but no implementation . So keep the poor..POOR.the fudal mindset still survives in our minds. But we must start taking like kyu nahi or revolt is knocking our barriers.

Another amazing thinking this movie highlights is that no student Is BAD, is the teacher who is good or bad.. Students are raw material,how they are carved is the teacher, which may b school, family or guide. Energy is in every one, the guide must know how channelise it.

Yes this is a gripping movie, no loose moments with class acting by rani as the out of the box teacher,her chawl students and the other cast.

Loved this movie reminding me of my school days,nostalgic and also making me realise how can i b a good teacher...

4/5 for this heart tickling movie

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