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One brave episode of the stories untold of the valent bravery, smartness , sharpness of the Indian armed forces , intelligence, and administration to make us live safely . Stories like this such must be told to make us proud of our finesse .

This movie is the time machine era of the past , and if we start thinking and tell the millinials , they will think of it as a myth. This is 1971. No one has even thought of the internet , leave alone 5g,4g,3g. No mobile, minimal telephones - only for the few elites, also no wireless even for the armed forces. No television, no radio for masses, communication was leisure. In this era of 1971 when India's intelligence got info that Pakistan and China were planning to wage a war on India in the north-eastern front to cut off the 7 sister states from the mainland. The intelligence head calls a meeting with the minister and ministry of defense, and the army tells that they minimum need 2 months to get war ready in a 2 front war. But the Intel is that war can be waged on us very soon, may be in the next 15-20 days. One officer of the intelligence dept. Presents an out of the box idea, tough to implement but very effective, which can give time to Indian army to be war ready. And after a nod from ministry, the plan starts.

The lead Vidyut, as dev the Intel officer, has shown a new dimension of his caliber. Minimal action , no flaunt of male chauvinism but amazing acting. He has brewed to a very flavorful, versatile cast to any movie. Anupamji is an ever loved one. One actor who stood out of the most unknown actors is vishal jethwa. He has the confidence and control for the content. Full marks to sankalp reddy and Lee Whittaker for staying put to content and not going for any jingoism . Also, full marks for keeping things apt to the era of the movie.

It's a very smooth ,thoughtful movie but without any loud mouthing and chest thumping. Which may be we are not used to watching, but it tells the story as it happened and as should be told. Many moments in this movie will make u think , how come this is happening and are all the people foolish doing such things in Pakistan. But then we have to remember that this is era of 1971 where communication was luxury and general people could talk to others via standing in que for hours together for 5 mins of voice of the loved ones that too as some telephone exchange only to be found in metro cities. As someone who is in their 60s or 70s to know how tough was it. After a birth or death, the Info reached after most formalities had been completed.

Really, if u don't watch this movie, you will miss a super proud and fun movie. I wish more such stories are told and in such a beautiful manner.

I give this movie 🌟🌟🌟🌟 AKG RATING

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