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Motichoor Chaknachoor(2019)

In the starting 20 mins of a movie u realise u watching a TV drama of 5 episode like a movie paying 200+ for a ticket in a multiplex, the feeling is what I got watching this movie.

Motichoor chaknachoor is a good 5 episode drama , for TV . But over stretched for a movie, this could have been crisped down to 1.40 min movie. Movie set in Bhopal. Main lead is 36 yr old ,dying to get married, to any girl, in a conversation to a girl he says "आप लड़की हो,मै लड़का हूं,ये ही काफी है मेरे लिए", such is the deasperation. The female lead is a 26yr dying to marry any boy who takes her out of India, reason is the millinial infatuation of posting pics on social media to tease n make friends jealous. And then the story streaches,on and on and on.

Nawaz is good, but I think he drains in full lead solo roles, pinch me if I'm wrong, he gives layers to the character with his raw heartland accent and in expressions, but still at times I felt that he is draining.Athiya Shetty is nice, masters the local dialect very aptly, commendable, but the character written for her is so unilayered that she has very less to do. The support actors too are good, but missed the spark for a heartland movie, may be the monotony of storytelling ,impacted. The dialogues capture the local dialect mast.Mauda(boy), Maudi(girl) and many more such words are learnable for the urbanism to grow rawness. Songs are okok.

The film tries to be funny but missed many times. But still had few take aways from it. One of the dialogue clinched me was " मै साप सीढ़ी की तरह सीधा चलता हूं,शतरंज नहीं की चाल के कुछ देर बात समझ आए की क्या चला". People who try to trick, their own, when get caught, create a crack in love and affection, tough to heal. Other take away was the fixation of us to social media, and forgetting the society around us.FASTER we realise better for us.

If u have nothing to do this weekend too and watch but it's media partners is Netflix , so in a month or 2 will b on TV, and u can watch it with pauses and forward... I give it ⭐⭐🌛AKG POINTS.

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