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STREE -the movie

A film which is a laugh riot from start to end...and with its pinches of horror n social msgs...this is THE movie...never seen such a heart warming, laugh all out riot.

this is the most amazing movie seen by me in last few months,non stop comedy,but nothing cheap,and the dialogues are top notch.every second line uttered is with a gag or punch that u cant stop laughing at.and best part is that is so must Hindi heartland kind so well executed by the artists that u will carry them with u ,to be used at with when u r in chatter with friends,family,colleagues...

the actors are used to their optimum be it raj kumar rao(he gets into the skin of the character)like taking measurements of ladies with eyes(hehe) or the the knowledge man on the village,pankaj tripathi-whose presence itself is a laugh,with such flat face he gives u the best laugh moments of the movie.friends of hero too do thr part with such rawness,u cant but enjoy it,the character of shraddha kapoor is also show stealer..every character is so aptly done even in his or her one or two scenes tht u will remember it for long,like the dad of the main protagonist or the mom of the kidnapped friend,every one is awesome.

the best as in the cherry on the cake was the subtle socio-political msgs which are conveyed,but so embeded in the dialogues of laugh and horror that they reach u, hit u but u are not burdened by them,like ones the knowledge man says"stree hai,use na mane na he samaj aata hai" or "emergency abhi bhi hai kya",the

last scene of the movie and many such things...

so will the one liners stick with u in vocab for long..."the fun of pleaje" or"ye naye bharat ki chudail hai" and many many more of such fun quotes...

must must go will b a supreme relaxer....but a pain in jaws

i give this movie 4 + AKG POINTS

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