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Hakuna matata...remember...dont worry,b happy....we have memories of this animated movie and now it comes in a live action format. Yes as real as it can get,as if the animals did the acting themselves. Awesome animation,and in such detail,that it looks like a Discovery Channel or Animal Planet documentary, but with the tinch of the animals singing,dancing and talking.

Wonderful experience , I chose to watch it in Hindi because of the voice overs of so many good voiced actors like Ashish Vidhyarthi ,Asrani, Talpade ,Sanjay Mishra and the KING KHAN with his cub (in the real life). Really, they give life to these animated characters like real people. Few of most comical fun is created by Talpade and Misra as Mumba and Timon. Also Asrani was vintage best as kings pawn. Big roar of Mufasa, cunning roar of Scar and the coming of age of Simba are also breath-taking.

As it being a simple Panchatantra kind of a story, kids must go is that u make them learn things from what we see on screen. The never say die attitude,which if cultivated and re-ignited in Mimba Mufasa and Nala. Hakuna matata-live in today,past cant be changed future is made from present,so live life in the present, because if the present is good,future would be better automatically. Greed always pulls one down. Honesty has long term benefits, it may be flawed in the short term but it is mutual fund (long term).

Long story short, awesome movie.... relive Ur childhood, also go to the movie with the next generation...will love it...i give it 3 1/2 AKG POINTS...

O FORGOT TO TELL end credits dont miss the eltin john song "never too late" -great composition

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Jul 27, 2019

Totally agree...mind blowing movie....must watch...good for mental health...😂

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