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The Zoya Factor -2019 movie

A mo vie which is meant to be a Silly romantic confused movie. And it's stays true to it. Fooling , dreaming, hitching about self. Minimal gyan , fun, Giggle movie.

It's a movie about a girl who is born on the day INDIA won the first cricket world cup in 1983, so her dad says she is lucky for Indian cricket, and she has changed many lossses to wins for her bro in gully cricket (see the silliness). But the girl feels she is most unlucky as a half bald guy too wants to breakup with her, her boss is for her life. Then she gets a chance to do a ad movie with the Indian cricket team, who hear about her lucky charm and the drama brews, from luck to psycho frenzy, as we Indians are born superstitious.

Of the cast zoya played by sonam- is as she plays in most most of her movies, silly urbane confused chik, and does it with finesse, Dulquer Salmaan as Indian team cap khoda it's a man of conviction who doesn't bellerive in luck but in hard work and practice and act brilliantly. Angad Bedi as Robin the senior player not in good terms with the captain,koel puri as boss of butch boss,Sanjay's kapoor as her dad,Sikander Kher as bro of zoya all do what they are supposed to do . Rest of the cast too is at its place. But the REAL FUN TO LISTEN cast is the ones u will not see but LISTEN, the commenters, they are the life of the movie, every time they are audible it is assured u will laugh, and they are lots in the movie. They will at times remind of the days India used u listen to cricket in radio.

I too have, done many times of watching the match muted on TV and listening to commentary in radio FUN.In the movie while watching the team players u will b iched to find resemblance in Indian team real players, virat,rohit,gabbar, ishant,sachin,jadeja. Tell who all did u find. Songs in movie are ok ok,

As I'm am I find few things to bring back home. Luck is important in life, but without practice and perseverance the luck too won't work. Also that when u do all what it takes to reach a goal,value ur effort into it, that u and ur passion with perseverance did it, don't give all the credit to luck, it will b a ditch to your own self. FORTUNE FAVORS THE BOLD.

This a movie to relax , have giggles and chill, simple silly fun movie.

I give 💕💕🌟 AKG POINTS.

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