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Uunchai(2022) Movie Review

As I was coming out of the movie on this cold 21°c night, was feeling the warmth inside me, a splendid feeling. That's how I can explain the movie in a statement.

Uunchai is a movie of four friends in their ripe ages. Bhupen , Amit , Javed, and Om. Friends for life. Amit is a best-seller book writer, Om is a book-shop owner, Javed a garment shop owner, and bhupen a hotelier. Bhupen has a dream to take all friends to the Everest Base camp. On his birthday, he puts forward this plan to his friends. The next morning, he is found dead of cardiac arrest. All 3 of his friends get booked tickets to base camp on his writing table and decide to compete his dream. And the story moves on...

The stalwarts of the movie are greats . I can't comment on them. Danny sir , Anupam sir , Boman sir, Neena ma'am and the cute little surprise of Sarika ma'am after so many years. Amitabh Bachchan, sir, is an institution in himself. I want to specify of the expressions of Neena gupta ji , she created laughter by her expressions. That's a treat to watch. There is one more character in the movie which I just heard; it is the song "ye jeevan hai- by kishor kumar." This song is a character that stitches the movie together . Sooraj Barjatya directed such a movie as a commentary on his versatility. The background score by George and music by Amit trivedi is beautiful, especially the song at the end of the movie with credits rolling in.

This movie made me think about a thought that never stuck me.

Seniors say that the next generation doesn't value their elders, but they never think that the younger people have their life, their privacy, and elders should also respect it. Like when we go to some party or movie without kids and if they start cursing the same way as we may do when they do the same, is a Food for thought. The other thing is to do what you can today, क्युकी who knows what will happen tomorrow.

After such a long, long time, such a heartwarming movie. Full of emotions and enjoyable.


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Vandana Nahata
Vandana Nahata
Nov 11, 2022

Ab to dekhani padegi movie, thank you for the review

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